Are you the nostalgic type? Discover Windows Vista Edition 2022

Despite its many flaws, Windows Vista had a certain charm thanks to its transparency effects, widgets, and radically different design from Windows XP. The Windows Vista Edition 2022 concept may have an effect on you if you share this opinion.

Windows Vista has a reputation for being one of the worst versions of Windows in terms of stability and performance. At launch, it was a walking disaster. Additionally, it remains one of Microsoft's biggest failures to this day. However, the OS was one of the most visually appealing, with a number of new animations, sleek design, widgets, and pretty transparency effects. He now receives a fitting tribute in Windows Vista Edition 2022, Microsoft's conceptual revival of the system released in 2007.

“Fluent meets Aero”

“Fluent meets Aero” aims to demonstrate what Windows Vista's flaw-free design could offer, somewhat analogous to what Windows 7 offered.In this instance, the OS's entire Aero design has been reworked to be based on Windows 11. Clearly, we end up with a version of Windows 11 that has been heavily modified to incorporate some of Windows Vista's most important features.

We allowed you to watch the presentation video, which gives a good overview of the idea and makes you want to see it come to life someday.

A straightforward idea—unfortunately without a project behind it. As you are aware, this idea is merely a vision of what Windows 11's technical foundation and the aesthetics of Windows Vista could offer. Nothing more, which is truly regrettable. The arrival of an ISO containing the video's content is not planned, so do not anticipate it. We must be content with the new Windows 11 aesthetics that Microsoft has revealed.

The business, on the other hand, is beginning to talk more and more about Mica.Microsoft's aesthetic decisions for Windows 11 are already beginning to be influenced by this new design. Those who appreciated Windows Vista's baroque refinement (at least according to the 2022 criteria) should therefore expect the latter to adopt a more sober and refined appearance in the future.

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