Become a video game tester? If you're unemployed or a school dropout, paid training will get you there

A free training course to become a video game tester is being launched by the professional association Horizon Jeu Vidéo Île-de-France. It focuses on professional integration and is aimed at young people aged 18 to 25.

Horizon Jeu Vidéo, a French professional association founded by businesses in the sector, is leading this excellent initiative. The objective is to provide assistance to a sector that promotes coeducation, diversity, humility, and benevolence and is experiencing difficulty recruiting in France. Twenty-five young people from Paris or Seine-Saint-Denis will be eligible to receive free training in the field of video game tester from the organization.

A paid and free training that lasts for seven months... This training is called "Avenir en Jeu: Become a Video Game Tester" aims to assist young people in entering the workforce. It was launched by the Horizon Jeu Vidéo Île-de-France team in response to the Ile-de-France region's 2021 Regional Skills Investment Pact. Any project that could demonstrate genuine capacities for training and skill acquisition was eligible to receive a grant of between 200,000 and 2 million euros from this initiative.

The video game should have been included regardless of the circumstances. Horizon Jeu Vidéo provides free training to young people between the ages of 18 and 25 who are unable to find work or school, or who are not in a position to study, work, or receive training. They can likewise be non-lone wolves or previous understudies who halted their permit or other preparation en route.

This training, which will take place in the Parisian School of the Second Chance (E2C) for seven months, from October to May of next year, will pay young people.

... to award a QA tester certification to 25 young residents of Ile-de-France. In order to set up this training, Horizon Jeu Vidéo Île-de-France has gathered prominent figures in the video game training industry to create a professional program. According to estimates provided by the National Video Game Syndicate in 2020, this must result in the issuance of a professional QA tester certificate with a starting salary of approximately 26,000 euros.

In order to form its educational consortium, the association has been successful in attracting dependable partners. ISART Digital, a private higher education institution with locations in Paris, Nice, and Montreal, will be in charge of the design and teaching of the business training. Horizon Jeu Vidéo will be in charge of the project's piloting and management, and EC2 Paris will be in charge of the support and coaching of young people.

The teaching and design of Discovery training will be supported by the Play in Lab company, which conducts playtesting on actual players, quality assurance testing to find bugs, and data analysis to study player behavior.Finally, consulting and certification missions will be carried out by the Cnam-Enjmin, a public video game trades school.

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