Easy Way to Get Free EU.ORG Domain for Life

Bloggers are familiar with the free domain eu.org; using this service, you can get a free domain for life without spending a penny. This is an excellent starting point for new bloggers looking to get started in the blogging community.

However, the subdomain alone—not the root domain—is the eu.org domain's drawback. Naturally, this free domain will not meet our expectations for a good and simple-to-remember name. You can purchase root TLD domains like .com, .org, and .id, as well as other main TLDs, if you have more money.

Because EU.ORG is one of the free domain provider websites that has been around since 1996, some people find making a free EU.ORG domain for life extremely challenging. Additionally, the registration of the eu.org domain is challenging to prevent misuse.

However, when I try to create a domain using the service, I find that it is very simple, that there are no issues, and that the domain can be created immediately in just one day. However, there are those who contend that the approval of a domain name can take anywhere from seven to thirty days. By attempting it, you can test it for yourself.

If you have finished creating an account and are logged in to EU.ORG, you must first register at nic.eu.org and provide all of the information requested by EU.ORG. It is now time to establish a domain.

After logging in, there will be a button on the main page that says "New Domain," as shown in the image above; click the button. The page for creating a domain name will be shown to you. Please refer to the image below for further information.

After that, enter the desired domain name, such as "zidansec.eu.org," and then scroll down to the bottom to set the name server for the domain.

  • ns1.hostry.com
  • ns2.hostry.com
  • ns3.hostry.com
  • ns4.hostry.com 
They are the name server settings that should be compared, as depicted in the image that follows.

If this is the case, then click the "Submit" button. If the domain you created is legitimate, the website will display text similar to this.

We will not immediately create a domain that is identical to the one I described earlier. In EU.ORG, domain creation requires approval.

Therefore, you must wait patiently; in the event that the domain is approved, you will receive a notification via the email you used to register at EU.ORG.

How to Create a Free DNS Manager for Hostry

Before using the domain once it has been approved by EU.ORG, we must first prepare the DNS Manager. To set up a DNS Manager, you will need to register at hostry.com.

As a result, in order to acquire the EU.ORG domain, we are required to have our very own DNS Manager. This will make it simpler to manage the DNS domain whenever you wish to establish a subdomain. You can take advantage of CloudFlare for the free EU.ORG domain DNS Manager in addition to hostry.com.

So, there are two ways to use DNS Manager here; however, in this article, I will only show you how to make a DNS Manager using hostry.com.

If you have already registered, please log in, navigate to the Service menu > Free DNS, type in the domain name you just created, and then click the "CREATE DNS" button.

You only need to set the DNS through the history now that the domain is ready for use.I think you already know how to connect a domain to Blogger. As a result, I won't write in this article. I wish you the best of luck.

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