These 5 Features Will Coming Soon After Dark Mode Release

recently introduced the Dark Mode feature for Android and iOS users, and five additional features will soon be available.
The testing phase for these features is currently underway, and they are anticipated to be available within the next few months.What new features will WhatsApp soon offer?

1).Support for multiple devices
WhatsApp users can only use their account on one device at a time at the moment. However, users will soon be able to use a single WhatsApp account on multiple devices simultaneously with the addition of this multi-device support feature. A feature like this will be very helpful.

2).Face Unlock Di Android 
supports fingerprint unlocking in WhatsApp for Android. Users will be able to use this feature to prevent others from checking their messages without their permission. WhatsApp may be testing Face Unlock, a new security feature for Android users, according to rumors. It is hoped that the same capabilities will be available on all Android phones in the future, as this feature has been on the iPhone for a long time.

3).Last Seen 
WhatsApp currently provides three Last Seen options, namely "contacts," "everyone," and "only me." WhatsApp is working on a feature called "Last Seen For Select Friends" that will let users share when only some of their contacts were last seen. whereas others will be unable to verify it.

4). Missing Message
WhatsApp is developing a messaging feature that has been missing for a while. This feature will function similarly to WhatsApp Status, which automatically disappears after 24 hours. Users will be able to set a time limit for when certain story messages will be deleted automatically with this feature.

5).WhatsApp Secure Backup
 A new security feature that will protect chat backups is reportedly being tested by WhatsApp. Currently, users are able to back up their chat history using iCloud and Google Drive, but the backup files are not encrypted from beginning to end. By enabling users to encrypt their chat history prior to uploading it to the cloud, this new security feature will address the issue.

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