What is blogging? How do I start it for free?

Are you trying to find a remunerative career choice to kick-start your own business? If affirmative, then this will be a really special purpose in your life, as a result of nowadays i am going to tell you one thing that is freed from price to begin and extremely profitable once succeeded.

Yes! Today, i am about to tell you concerning blogging? and the way you'll be able to begin it at no cost in a very in small stages guide to form you utterly tension free.

Actually, this guide is very for beginners. This in small stages orientate what's blogging? however do I begin it for free? it's doable to urge prepared inside half-hour at No writing skills.

After finishing this Blogging Guide 101 and one you will be able to perceive concerning blogging and why it's profitable to begin. And at the top you'll need an exquisite diary that'll be able to share with the planet.

So, let's begin this in small stages guide with many footage and videos to form it simple for learning.

If you are facing any issue concerning blogging then you are feeling absolve to contact us or just comment below. We'll catch with you soon!

What is blogging? however do I begin it for free?

Hello! My name is Jerome, and i am about to provides a complete guide to what's blogging? the way to begin for free? Since i have been building blogs and Websites since 2018, I will guarantee you that i am the sole one that will fulfil your blogging career.

I apprehend that you just already know one thing concerning blogging, however during this guide i will be explaining all the steps one-on-one so you recognize what-to-do next and the way to form a booming blogging career (just for free).

Sorry to interrupt! however before we tend to move, i'd wish to confirm to you what a blog is, blogging, etc.

So, let's start (without wasting a second because the world is dynamic  rapidly). We'll cowl some topics to urge you recognize about:

So we tend to area unit about to cowl every of the subject single-single and if you directly wish free blogging sites then you will skip the remainder topics. however keep in mind, Free data typically will offer you $1000 of understanding. thus have a glance on every of the subject. (Its lovely!)

What is Blog?

Actually, may be} one thing troublesome to inform you as a result of a blog can be too tough or too easy for a few folks, however nowadays i am going to tell you the only definition of a blog, i.e., a blog may be a digital illustration of written content supported our interests and data.

Yes, this is often too simple! And if we tend to study some blogs from different countries, we are going to notice that they're created in a very type of niches, and believe us once I say that blogs area unit speedily growing sites and profitable businesses.

Now let's move to blogging. don't be concerned, i do know you would like to understand concerning niche and therefore the form of niche you must choose? (It's simply beginning. We'll undergo all the guides. So, to not worry.)

What is Blogging?

The distinction between blog and blogging is thus refined. (already discussed) currently, What precisely is blogging? —Blogging is largely used for bloggers UN agency tend to post articles, posts, or content frequently on their blog. Simply put, posting content on your own diary supported your interests and data.

I hope you get the distinction between diary and blogging. If yes, it's totally honorable; otherwise, comment below. currently let's cowl atiny low topic, i.e., niche.

What is a niche? What forms of niches ought to I pursue?

Simply, a distinct segment may be a form of interest for your diary. this implies writing articles on totally different interests. Let's perceive this with a fast example.

For example, if you search, "What is Blogging?" you'll see several results. Then you will find that the websites you visited solely post articles supported topics like school, food, digital selling, etc. does one understand? No, don't worry, I've got a a lot of easy answer. If you recognize concerning my diary, OOXAN, then you will find that every one articles area unit supported digital. This digital topic is my niche, which implies I share all articles that area unit supported digital. Blogging is additionally a digital term. So, I hope you perceive what a distinct segment extremely is.

Now let's scrutinize a number of the foremost viewed sorts of niches that area unit invariably trending and even speedily growing. i would like to inform you the highest 5 best niches to decide on whenever.

  • Tech (technology or digital)
  • Food or recipes
  • Fashion
  • Finance
  • Health & Fitness

The higher than listed niches area unit the most niches that area unit used whenever once somebody creates their own diary. I hope you get the that means of what "really" blogging is. Then let's clap for ourselves (because this is often award-winning).

Now let's move ahead and canopy the highest seven best free diaryging platforms to begin our own blog. We're moving. area unit you ready?

Top seven Free blog Sites you Should Join

I've found the highest seven best free blogging sites to affix for making our own blogs at no cost. as a result of we'll be providing a in small stages guide to free blogging, knowing free platforms is additionally essential; we'll cowl all of the most effective blogging sites to affix.

Note: These vlogging platforms have their own subdomain after you begin your own blog at no cost with these sites, that area unit listed below.

1. Blogger


Blogger is usually the primary priority once it involves free blogging. Yes, Blogger permits you to form a free blog inside minutes with their own designed templates. As Blogger may be a product of Google, folks like to produce new blogs and post content at no cost.

Blogger is specifically created for beginners to kickstart their blog and generate some revenue through Adsense. Blogger additionally permits you to customize your blogthrough the "Drag-n-Drop" layout section. So, selecting Blogger for your new blog is terribly profitable and booming. able to produce your new free blog? Click the below button.

Start Now

2. Wix


Wix may be a free web site builder tool that permits you to create new websites at no cost with a subdomain yoursite.wix.com. This web site is absolutely absolve to manage by yourself, and it's several tools out there to form your blog property on varied search engines.

Some of the most effective edges you get whereas making your blog through Wix is Drag-n-Drop and simply came upon management, thus you do not have to be compelled to do abundant toil to form an exquisite diary. If you wish this platform, click the below button to urge started with Wix.

Get Started currently

3. WordPress


WordPress is that the 1st priority web site once it involves making new websites, blogs, stores, etc. this is often as a result of WordPress is that the market leader in making blogs, websites, and e-commerce stores simply through plugins.

WordPress is each free and paid to urge started with new sites. Actually, i like to recommend you select WordPress as a result of it'll assist you tons through the Drag-n-Drop possibility, Plugins, and writing Skills. So, start with WordPress by clicking the below button.

Go to WordPress

4. Weebly


Weebly is another to Wix for making free and paid blogs, websites, etc. you'll be able to simply produce your free blog here with a subdomain of yoursite.weebly.com and so manage it simply through Weebly tools. It's too simple!

Apart from this, Weebly provides sidebars, media boxes, forms, ad spaces, etc., so you'll be able to simply manage and generate some revenue. i would like to undertake Weebly! Click the below button.

Let's start

5. Medium


Medium may be a very important identified platform to share our opinions with the entire world with their own subdomain yousite.medium.com. If you would like to understand the traffic of this website, then it'll shock you. Yes, it's over three hundred million monthly guests, thus suppose your blog is terribly profitable if you employ Medium.

Through this medium, you'll be able to simply share blog posts, answer public queries, generate revenue, etc. As a result, we tend to believe that mistreatment Medium.com to launch our new blog are going to be a wise call.

Visit Now

6. Ghost


Ghost is another blogging-like platform that you'll be able to use to form your own different blogs and websites. however putting in, running, and maintaining the ghost blogging platform is risky as a result of it's totally confusing. i'd not suggest this technique.

But, if you are smart at writing, then this is often too easy to work and extremely simple to take care of. you'll be able to still attempt Ghost for your blogging. Click the below button.

Go to Ghost

7. Tumblr


Tumblr is another thanks to begin your free blog simply and maintain it through the Tumblr dashboard. This blogging platform is extremely snug to begin with the subdomain yoursite.tumblr.com, and it can even be maintained through writing. however a beginner can even use this blog website.

Apart from this, Tumblr is extremely in style among bloggers for sharing blog posts, sharing articles and far a lot of. So, simply attempt it once! Click the below button.

Try Tumblr

I hope you have got chosen one amongst the most effective blogging sites for your blog at no cost. If you have got not chosen nevertheless, then opt for quick and so move ahead to complete your blog and share it with the planet.

Now, let's cowl the way to begin a blog at no cost (in four easy steps). so you have got your own blog to share with the planet.

How to begin a blog at no cost (in 4 simple Steps)

You can simply begin your own blog if you've got chosen the correct blog website. And, once it's all done, simply follow four a lot of steps to utterly produce your own diary at no cost.

If {you area unit|you're} ready! Then we will move ahead to complete our Blogging Guide 101 and begin your own blog at no cost with our last remaining four steps that are too simple to follow.

  • Choose a diary name: opt for a decriptive name for your on-line blog.
  • Get your diary on-line: Registering your blog online and receiving free hosting.
  • Customize your diary: By choosing a free blog style tempate and modifying it.
  • Write & Publish your 1st post: Share your ideas with the remainder of the world! (most attention-grabbing half.)

If you fastidiously followed all of the preceding steps, you'd have your own superbly designed blog able to share with the planet. Then you only have to be compelled to manage your blog and build it booming.


As we tend to mentioned higher than, at the top of this text you will be able to begin your own blog at no cost, and at last, we're done making our own blog.

But it's the sole finish that you are looking forward to... No, i am going to shortly share an editorial that may build your blog booming through tips and tricks. Therefore, support this text and do share it to assist unharness consecutive article shortly.

I hope this blogging guide has helped you begin your own blog at no cost, and if there area unit any queries left otherwise you have any doubts, be at liberty to comment below.

Blogging FAQs

If you continue to have some unrequited questions on blogging, then browse some common blogging FAQs to begin your own blog. And if you continue to cannot realize your answers, then be at liberty to contact us in person via e-mail.

How do I build my diary successful?

What free blog website ought to I choose?

Do bloggers build cash online?

Does our free blog rank and obtain traffic?

Do free diary sites have tools to manage our blogs?

How do I write my 1st post?

Why will the blog fail?

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