Faced with chaos, Twitter is already suspending its paid authentication system

A few days ago, Twitter upgraded its Twitter Blue offer, now billed at $8 per month. For this price, users granted themselves the right to obtain the famous blue certification badge. Of course, this new system was quick to create chaos on the social network.

An Official mention in addition to the certification badge

Twitter has realized this and is already backpedaling. To counter the wave of accounts impersonating a person, a company or an organization, the platform no longer allows you to take out the subscription giving the right to obtain authentication.

In addition, Twitter has added a new Official acronym to certain accounts in order to avoid confusion. This is gray in color and could only be obtained at the moment by purchasing advertising on the social network.

In any case, the damage is already done: many malicious or parodic accounts are roaming around, misleading the least vigilant Internet users. Accounts claiming to be LeBron James or Joe Biden, for example, have been rampant.

Twitter faces the challenge of identity theft

Worse still, pharmaceutical group Eli Lilly was forced to issue a denial and apologize following a tweet from a fake verified account. The message announced free insulin.

“Please note that Twitter is going to do a lot of silly things in the coming months. We will keep what works and change what doesn't,” said Elon Musk, new owner of the service. Twitter employees have already escalated concerns to executives about rolling out features that haven't been sufficiently tested too quickly.

Elon Musk also tweeted that parody accounts should state directly in their name that they are parody, not just mention it in the bio. He also announced the arrival of a Parody mention for this kind of accounts.

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