How to increase traffic to your website? 25 techniques to know

To increase the traffic of your website, a good positioning in search engines is essential. However, natural referencing is a long-term job and it often takes several months to reach pole position.

Diversifying your sources of traffic and offering multiple content is therefore essential to increase the number of visitors to Google tenfold. It is a good way to regularly attract search engine robots to your site and increase your position in the results.

To help you accelerate the movement, here are 25 techniques to implement right now to develop your traffic.


1. Post regularly on your blog

Google loves regularly updated content. If it is difficult to regularly change the content of the pages of your website, a blog can be used to publish new articles frequently.

Opting for at least 2 tickets per week can double your traffic very quickly, especially if you also implement idea #2.

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2. Target the right keywords

Regularly publishing content on your blog improves your SEO overall. Still, if your articles and pages are poorly optimized, they will hardly stand out in search results.

SEO is all about targeting the right keywords in the first place: it is often easier to focus on specific and less searched expressions (the so-called long tail).

We also advise you to take a look at our techniques for finding long tail keywords.

Once your keywords have been found, all you have to do is use them by creating very good quality content to attract search engines.


3. Increase traffic to your website with social media

Social networks are powerful levers for generating traffic on websites and blogs. No need to be present on all social networks, just choose the most suitable for your sector of activity and identify the networks that appeal to your target audience. You can then promote your content and interact with your community to gain visibility.


Facebook is the number 1 social network: it must therefore be at the heart of your social media strategy.

By building a community on this platform and regularly posting quality content there, you are sure to see your number of fans take off – and visits to your site at the same time.


Instagram is the social network on which users interact the most with brands: engagement is therefore very high, which makes it a very powerful medium to promote your site.

Take out your smartphone or camera, choose your hashtags wisely, and above all, be creative!


YouTube is the number 1 video sharing site and achieves colossal audiences every day. No wonder companies have found it an ideal playground for gaining visibility.

Create videos related to your activity (tutorials, analyses, etc.) to highlight your expertise and be found by Internet users corresponding to your target.

Learn how to boost your views on YouTube and traffic to your site will only get better.


You can develop your professional network with Linkedin and generate more visits to your site.

Start by updating your profile by integrating the url of your website. Share quality content on Linkedin and post snippets of blog posts with a link to entice users to read more on your website.


9 million Internet users use the Pinterest social network for inspiration and/or to increase their visibility on the web.

Pinterest is recognized as a visual search engine that allows you to set up backlinks to drive traffic to your website. The goal is to share and organize images (called pins or pin) in thematic boards.

You can create a professional account and write a bio by integrating keywords then share your content to attract visitors and increase traffic to your blog or site.

4. Contact influencers

Influencer marketing is a very effective lever for making yourself known and massively attracting Internet users to your site.

The key is to choose the right influencers to contact in order to implement an effective influence marketing strategy.


5. Create webinars

The webinar is another very effective web content when it comes to generating new leads and attracting visitors to your website.

There are many tools to easily create a webinar and share your expertise with your audience.

6. Refresh old content

Creating new content is essential, but that does not mean that your old articles should be forgotten.

Refresh your old content by enriching it, updating it with newer data, etc.

7. Recycle your content

Between your website, social networks and newsletters, you probably feel like you spend your time creating new content. Plus, you don't always have bright new ideas to post.

Remember to recycle your content! For example, you can adapt your latest blog post as a newsletter or podcast. You can also decline your article in several publications for social networks or create checklists or infographics!


8. Create infographics

Infographics are part of the flagship content of social networks: appreciated by Internet users, they have a high potential for virality (if they deal with a relevant theme with an interesting angle).

And who says virality says many visitors to your site.


9. Publish your own studies

Creating studies based on exclusive data related to your field of expertise or your sector of activity is another very good way to gain visits thanks to content marketing.

10. Leverage SlideShare

If you've had the foresight to create an in-depth study or infographic, be sure to boost your content with SlideShare.

The professional presentation sharing platform is an ideal playground for promoting creations of this type.

11. Improve your site speed

The speed of a website has two major impacts on the traffic it receives.

First, the slower a site is to load, the more visitors tend to leave it immediately.

On the other hand, sites that are too slow are penalized by Google and are therefore less well referenced – which affects their traffic.

So be sure to optimize the performance of your site to ensure its speed.

Improve the speed of your site

12. Consider guest blogging

Opening your blog to other writers (quality, of course!) and posting on other blogs (quality too!) allows you to expand your notoriety and your audience.

The guest writer will distribute the article posted on your site to his community, thus attracting you a new readership.

As for your guest post, it will open your audience to the blogger community and allow you to get some backlinks. However, it is necessary to take care to respect certain steps to succeed in your guest blogging.


13. Position share buttons for social networks

If you want to increase your traffic, then encourage Internet users to share your content by adding sharing buttons to your blog posts. It is recommended to also affix them to your product sheets.


14. Create a Google My Business account

Before there was the paper directory, now there is GMB.

If you run a business or receive customers on your premises, consider registering your business on Google My Business.

This referencing service created by the web giant makes it possible to list all the sheets of establishments according to the searches of the Internet user. The latter has access to essential information about the company such as its location, opening hours and contact details. Customers can interact with the company by posting photos, questions or the famous customer reviews.

15. Include your website URL in your email signatures

Haven't done it yet? Now is the time to go to your email settings to fix it.

When you send an email, your company logo and website link should appear in the signature. It is a simple and quick technique to put in place to increase traffic on your site.


16. Optimize navigation on your website

If you want to increase traffic to your website, you have to put yourself in the user's shoes to optimize their navigation.

When you open a book, you can immediately access the table of contents and find the chapters that interest you. Your website must also have a hierarchical menu to optimize navigation. You must ensure that the visitor has a good time visiting your website and that he can easily and quickly access the content that interests him.

Optimize the navigation on your website

17. Make a good internal link

Here is another unstoppable technique to increase traffic to your site and improve SEO. Implementing an internal networking strategy improves your natural referencing. Internal linking consists of creating links that point to different pages on your website. This technique gives power to your pages and allows you to better position yourself in search engine results.

It is also a good way to add value to your articles!

18. Create external links

Now that you have a good internal link on your website, you can create backlinks to increase your traffic.

What are the sites with a theme similar to yours? Identify several of them and contact the webmaster to propose a link exchange in order to improve the visibility of each one.


19. Vary the content

You don't have to settle for just one format for your web content. While remaining consistent with your theme and your target audience, you can share and publish a wide variety of content to improve your visibility and create added value.

The video format

The video format is increasingly popular with users. Video takes an important place in the natural referencing strategy and helps boost visibility. It is a dynamic format and a particularly effective communication tool, as evidenced by the success of Youtube or short formats such as Instagram reels.

Do not hesitate to integrate videos in your blog posts and on your site to add value and improve the bounce rate.

PDF format

If you offer particularly fascinating articles, you can also offer your users to download them in PDF format to save or print them.

You can also write a white paper to download in exchange for the user's email address, for example.

The visuals

You can make your content more dynamic with visual formats like photos, images or gifs. Infographics are also used to capture the interest of Internet users.


If you're comfortable on the mic, you can record podcasts and post them to your website. This type of increasingly popular audio content is appreciated by Internet users and easy to share.

20. Encourage sharing

Your content is memorable so why not share it? Create content with high added value to encourage your subscribers to share on their own networks.

Statistics and infographics are particularly appreciated by Internet users and easy to share. The visual format of these contents is accessible and easily understood by all. The better your content, the more shares there will be.


21. Use the power of emailing

One of the best ways to gain visitors to your site is to use emailing, one of the most powerful marketing tools. To do this, you have to follow 2 main steps:

Collect as many email addresses as possible to build a substantial list of subscribers;

Implement a successful emailing tactic and let your site traffic explode.

To collect subscribers, insert an opt-in form on your website.

Send your newsletters the same day at the same time to make an appointment with your valuable subscribers. If your news content is interesting and well targeted, readers will be eager to open it and they will be happy to share this information around them.


22. Opt for SEA and SMO

You can boost your SEO with Google Ads campaigns. You will be on the first page of Google for a while.

Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin have advertising agencies at attractive rates, allowing you to very precisely target the distribution of your advertisements or your publications.

These two means are effective for developing traffic over a given period provided you master the tools.


23. Optimize your site for mobile

More and more Internet users are buying on mobile. This shows that it is essential to optimize the mobile navigation of your site. Otherwise, you would miss many visits and lose many potential customers.

Optimize your site for mobile

24. Discuss in chat rooms

Social media discussion groups and forums are places where you can publicize your business and demonstrate your expertise.

It is also a way to distribute your articles when the discussion requires it and to attract additional traffic to your site.

25. Look Outward

To attract new visitors and therefore new potential customers, there is nothing like opening up to new markets.

Making your site accessible to visitors from all over the world is not impossible and it is a unique opportunity to get in touch with millions of people.


These 25 techniques will allow you to strengthen your online presence, improve your SEO and generate additional visits to your site.

By getting clicks and quality links, you show Google that your content is appreciated and acclaimed and you increase your chances of finding new customers.

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