Launched almost 20 years ago, this Sony PSP is worth close to 20,000 dollars... that's why

The PlayStation Portable (PSP) is back… in a Drake clip.

A somewhat special nomadic console, the price of which is beyond comprehension.

The PSP that was worth $20,000?

The PSP is this portable console launched by Sony at the end of 2004 in Japan, and the following year in the rest of the world. The Japanese giant's first nomadic console, the PlayStation Portable offered features close to a PS2, with the added bonus of advanced features, starting with a UMD reader.

In total, Sony will sell more than 80 million PSPs worldwide, and the latter will also be entitled to a little sister, namely the PS Vita. Just recently, a very special version of the PSP resurfaced, in a clip by singer Drake, namely a $20,000 version.

Pharell Williams' PSP goes to Drake

Indeed, about fifteen years ago, like you, like me, singer Pharrell Williams bought himself a PSP. However, unlike you and me, the latter insisted on replacing the black plastic shell of the console with a new 14-karat gold shell. Enough to increase the weight of the machine to 660 grams (against 280 grams for the standard version).

Despite its “jewel” side, this 14-carat PSP was indeed used to play, Pharrell having also had a personalized Maison Goyard case developed. In 2023, this PSP for the less specific is back, in a clip signed Drake.

In his latest clip "Jumbotron Shit Poppin", the singer repeatedly shows off this same 14-carat PSP. The video also shows Drake sporting several pieces of jewelry purchased at an auction late last year, which featured several exclusive items belonging to Pharrell Williams, including Sony's handheld console.

We just hope that someone had the good idea to replace the battery of this overpriced and slightly flashy PSP...

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